Recession Proof, The Most Lucrative Industry In The World, Done For You!

Recession Proof

Alternative lending thrives even through the tough times. More than 75% of the small business loan applications are declined by the traditional banks. Approval rates get worse during a recession, while the alternative lending industry keeps funding small businesses no matter what.

Passive Income

A completely done for you business model in the biggest industry in the world!

Most In Demand Product Ever

Money is the sexiest product you can ever offer to others in the market. By tapping into the Alternative Lending Industry, you will access the most valued products and offer it to other businesses. No matter what happens, businesses will always need more funds.

Unlimited Earning

There is no shortage of people who need funds for one reason or another, and there never will be.

No Experience Required

Being a done-for-you business model, after the initial setup your only job is to sit back, relax, and check in every once in a while! Our team of experts are here at your disposal.

A Few Words From Our Clients

Battle Tested System

Hundreds of clients recommending our services can’t all be wrong. If you are serious about making a transformation in your life, you need a plan that works, with people who know how to work it. Our system is not based on theory. It is solidified with the results of our clients, and our own results. We use all of the same methods and resources we are making available to you, the same methods that are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Experts At Your Fingertips

Don't know anything about finance, or funding? No problem. That's our job. We handle all of your fullfilment, and all of your client communications.

Access The Entire Funding Marketplace On Demand

Through our connections, relationships, resources and partnerships, you and your clients have access to every kind of funding possible, and at the best rates. Funding for any need, any time. You name it, we can fund it.

Your First 90 Days, What To Expect

1. Click one of the buttons on this page, schedule your consultation

This is where we go over every specific detail and answer all questions. We collect some information about you. From there, we decide if you are a good candidate for the program.

2. Purchase Your Automated Business

If we move on from step one and believe that you are a good fit, you then sign our agreement and purchase your automated business.

3. Start Setting Up Your Foundation

You will get a dedicated server in our team platform to communicate with our team. You will schedule your launch meeting, design meeting and get the groundwork of your business laid out.

4. Receive Delivery Of Your Assets

Within 30 days, you will receive your custom funding funnel, website, CRM, billing software, live customer service, consulting booking engine, marketing materials and funding advisors assigned to work your deals. Everything live, polished and ready to grow.

5. Launch And Scale

Your deal generation will launch, you will start having deals come through your funnel, and our reps will work those deals on your behalf. The only question after that, is how big do you want to scale, and how fast? And then put the necessary steps in place to accomplish that.

6. Sit Back And Relax

At this point, you will have deals generated, closed, paid, and earnings. From there forward, not much is needed from you at all. Just check in with your assigned reps. If you have questions, suggestions, or need anything at all ask your reps. Aside from that, sit back, take a nap, have a slice of pie, and live life while we work!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How fast can I ROI?We have a few clients achieve this their first month! But on average, we see this happen in ~3 months if you follow our directions
  • Can you secure funding for me to start? We are a funding company! Absolutely! Likely even at 0% interest!
  • ​​What determines the difference in clients earnings?Deal flow. This can be more or less based on the set budget for deal generation, as well as if the client is sending through organic deals as well.
  • ​​​How much can I make? There are absolutely no earning limits! We have clients making $50k+ monthly and growing!
  • If I want changes to my funnel or website, can that be done? Yes, You will have an on call developer and design team!
  • What is the average deal payout to me?$4-$8k is a typical every day kind of deal. Although some are much larger!
  • ​​Are there any other fees outside of the startup?Your upkeep , hosting, monthly staffing, lead gen, campaign management, maintenance and all that good stuff. $299/month
  • ​​Why are we offering this?The simple answer is that by helping you expand your business, we are in turn expanding ours. Similar to how a large company will setup satellite offices with different owners of each. The owner of the satellite office owns their own business, and by us helping you grow that, we are growing ours too. We have a monetary incentive to help you win.
  • ​​​What is the recommended budget for deal generation? Typically $10/day - $100/day. $100/day is pretty exciting. For context, we only ran $100/day ourselves for a long time and had PLENTY deals. But of course, there is no limit to this :)

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